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Surrender Safely at Fugitive Safe Surrender New Jersey
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What Is FSSNJ?

Thank you to all those who participated and assisted in making this event a record breaking success.

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Wanted for a non-violent offense in New Jersey? Are you an American citizen or legal resident? Tired of running? Ready to take responsibility? If your answer is YES to all of these, you are eligible to participate in Fugitive Safe Surrender!

November 6th through 9th, 2013

The State of New Jersey is hosting a new Fugitive Safe Surrender opportunity November 6 through 9, 2013 at the Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church, 661 Montgomery Street, Jersey City.

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11/12 - Fugitive Safe Surrender Sets New Record: Nearly 5,000 Peacefully Surrendered to Resolve Approximately 10,000 Nonviolent Warrants - Striking Turnout Makes FSS-Jersey City the Largest Such Event Held in New Jersey, Third-Largest in the Nation
11/4 - Fugitive Safe Surrender Invites New Jersey Fugitives to Voluntarily Surrender This Week, Seek Favorable Consideration
10/9 - Fugitive Safe Surrender Will Invite New Jersey Fugitives to Voluntarily Surrender, Seek Favorable Consideration - More than 13,000 individuals turned themselves in at New Jersey’s four previous FSS events; the initiative changes lives, protects the public and police, and benefits society